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Channel Data Bridge

Channel Secondary & Sellout Tracking 

Track Sell Thru and Sell Out across your channel, from OEM > Distributor > Retailer > End Customer.

View Serial Number & Invoice Level Transactional data that helps achieve:

  • Targeted Sellout Programs

  • Data Driven Product Planning

  • Measure Product Consumption

  • Downstream Demand Visibility

  • Drive Focus Products


Channel Inventory Tracking 

Track Serialised Inventory of your products across your Channel at every location - including Distribution Warehouses, Resellers and Retailers. 

  • AI driven self audit App

  • Country wide stocktake in a single day

  • Geo-tagged stocktake to prevent misuse

  • Instant Serial Number Validation for every SKU in Stock

  • No need for a Third-Party stocktake Agency

Channel Data Management

Serial Number
Track & Trace

Track in real-time, the flow of your Product Serial Number through the Channel - all the way from factory to the End Customer.

  • Real Time Tracking via Serial Number / RFID

  • Instant Validation of SN with Product SKU

  • Detect Duplicate Serial Number Transactions

  • Alerts when SN is sold without Inventory record

  • Trace SN with Shipment, Sell Thru and Sell Out

Channel data management

Install Base Management

Track the Install Base for your equipment across Customer Locations - derived from historical & current Sellout Data, expected equipment lifespan, connect rate & other simulation data points.

Use actionable Install Base data to maximise After Market Revenue and Consumable Sales.

  • Serial Number Level Install Base Visibility

  • Customer - Location Granular

  • Plan Consumable & Aftermarket sales based on Install Base

  • Detect competitor contamination in your accounts

  • Plan proactive upgrades for Account retention

Data integration

Data Adaptors for Accounting, ERP & POS Systems

Data Adaptors to widely used ERP & Accounting System for automatic interfacing of Sales, Inventory and Operational data from thousands of Channel Partners. 

Eliminate manual data preparation, formatting & double reporting. Use accurate & current data from the source reported automatically for streamlined aggregation, validation and reporting.

  • SDK based Interfacing where supported

  • API based Interfacing for Cloud Systems

  • Scheduled Auto Push Interface for most other systems

  • Secure Cloud Data Aggregation and Processing

  • Auto Push & Pull Data Interface modes


Automated Channel Claims Management

Automated audit-ready Programs / Incentive Scheme calculation and Claims administration for your channel.
Based on fully validated Sell-out and Inventory data and flexible electronic payout administration.

  • Sellout & Purchase Programs

  • Stock Protection Programs

  • Price Protection Programs

  • Automated Claim Sheet generation & Partner acceptance

  • Incentive Payout via electronic Credit Notes

  • Audit-Ready process


Dropshipment Management
& Tracking Automation

Enable direct delivery from selected Distributor or fulfillment agent to the Customer, without the need for Retailer to maintain Inventory.

With this approach, Retailers can focus on acquiring and managing Customers, while operating on a stock-less model that saves capital & storage cost, reduces stock-related inefficiencies and ensures speedy product delivery to Customer on demand. 

  • Flexible Order flow to one of many Fulfilment Agents

  • Email or Online Ordering options for Customer

  • B2B data adapters with fulfilment logistics systems

  • Prevent counterfeiting by direct delivery to Customer

  • Avoid out-of-stock situations by directly dispatching from warehouse / fulfillment agents


Bytech is a global systems integration and business services company. We design, develop and manage specialised SaaS solutions for multi-national industry leaders for Consumer and Commercial pipes.

Our focus is n-Tier Channel Data Tracking, Integration Middleware and Sales Operations Automation.

Multi-Domain Expertise

Our expertise spans across High-Tech (Equipment & Consumables), FMCD, FMCG, Medical, Fashion & Lifestyle.

Security & Quality Certified

Bytech's service delivery capabilities are ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Global Coverage

We cover tens of thousands of Channel Partners in over 20 countries, with a deep focus on Asia Pacific.

Fully Managed Services

Fully customized and isolated SaaS solutions, backed by industry-leading Channel engagement and all-in support.

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